Trailer: Entourage


After 8 seasons on HBO, the boys from Entourage are back. Rumors of a full length movie about Vinny Chase and the Boys have been swirling since the 2011 series finale.

I love how the trailer opens with a fake movie. It’s the meta stuff in Entourage that I loved that was missing in the shows final two seasons. Hopefully we get much more of this in the film.

At least we get the whole gang back – Jeremy Piven as Ari; Kevin Connolly as E; Jay Ferrara as Turtle; Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama; and Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase. We even get cameos from athletes and celebrities including Entourage executive producer Mark Wahlberg.

Entourage is scheduled to open June 5th in an already packed Summer of 2015. The movie is Rated R so I expect them to use every inch of that rating.