Review: Marry Me

If there’s one thing J-Lo is going to do, it’s make an entertaining rom-com that’s loaded with every trope in the genre. Her latest offering is Marry Me – a story about huge pop start that marries a stranger at her concert.

Kat (Jennifer Lopez) is planning to marry her on-stage partner at a huge concert in front of 5,000 people. When she finds out her partner has been unfaithful, she marries Charlie (Owen Wilson) a man holding a “Marry Me” sign in the crowd.

This story is one of those rom-coms that tells the tale of two people that, on the outside, seem incompatible. Kat is a megastar (think Rihanna) that films every waking moment of her day. Charlie is single dad, a math teacher, and one of the last people on earth that owns a flip phone. How could these two people have anything in common, let alone coexist in a relationship? As most rom-coms teach us, love can conquer all things.

As unrealistic as the story is, watching Kat and Charlie slowly fall for each other is charming. More importantly, their love story is charming in a very relatable way. They both challenge each other in ways that are helpful and even show up to support each other doing the things they love.

When Charlie and Kat attend a school dance, it’s the kind of loveable goofy stuff you expect to see in a rom-com. It may not be the best scene in the film but it is the scene that embodies everything people love about these films. Both Kat and Charlie’s worlds collide at the dance in the most beautiful way. It has the beauty, glamour, music, and the down-to-earth doing people doing down-to-earth things these movies thrive off of.

Where this wild romantic ride ends isn’t a mystery to anyone that’s watch a romantic comedy over the past 10 years. It’s almost too transparent with how this story ends. However, what makes this film work is Wilson and Lopez having really good chemistry together. Maybe it’s them both being skilled actors and understanding what kind of film they’re in, but some some odd reason it really works. They’re just believable enough as a awkward couple to keep you invested in the love story.

The star of the film is Chloe Coleman (My Spy) as Lou, Charlie’s daughter. She’s the heart and soul of this film. Not only is Lou an adorable character, she’s the perfect bridge between Kat and Charlie. Every rom-com needs an adorable child that communicates to the adults they need to fall in love.

Marry Me is very well done version of your standard rom-com. This is one of J-Lo’s better films in the genre. People often theorize that meeting your person takes some luck and the perfect timing – Marry Me is the theatrical version of that theory. Fans of the genre will enjoy watching two unlikely people fall in love in the most beautiful way. Marry Me is the perfect film for a quiet Valentine’s Day weekend.

Grade: B