Crossing Streams: My Picks for an All-Female Ghostbusters Remake

Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, is reportedly in talks to remake 1984’s Ghostbusters. It looks like we’ll be getting a remake before we get the much talked about sequel. This is a good idea, but now comes the tricky part – casting the film. It’s been reported Feig wants to recast the group of proton packing parapsychologist with an all-female casts. I’m in! Have no fear, I’ve come up with a cast that will make this movie as spirited and adventurous as the original. aubreyAubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Safety Not Guaranteed, Parks and Recreation, Life After Beth) as Peter Venkman. Most fans know Aubrey from her time on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, but she’s been making her way onto the big screen as of late. People look at her as a supporting actress, but she was fantastic as the lead in 2013’s ‘The To Do List’. Saying Plaza is funny is an understatement, she’s skillful at delivering comedy onscreen and that’s not a skill all comics have. Ghostbusters will need a lead and Aubrey is the perfect choice. maslanyTatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, Parks and Recreation) as Winston Zeddemore. Anyone who’s watched Orphan Black knows just how talented Maslany is. She can be sexy, cold, smart, charismatic, and badass in the same scene. Maslany also is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to playing her characters – no one character looks or sounds the same. She dedicates herself to whatever character she’s playing and allows the audience to get lost in that character as well. This gives her the ability to be paired perfectly next to anyone in the cast. This would be the perfect film to showcase Maslany’s many talents and let the world see just how brilliant she is. I would also love to see her pull off some deadpan humor with Aubrey Plaza. schillingTaylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black, The Lucky One) as Egon Spengler. We know Schilling can pull off an emotional scene or two if need be, plus we know she can look terrified. What gets lost in all the OITNB whoopla is how good of an actress Schilling is. She may seem unlikely for a comedy about ghost wrecking havoc all over New York City, but she’s got the skills to pull it off. Schilling can also add a bit of gentleness to the team and a kind spirit to balance the other characters. She can also be whimsical and silly if needed. HBO Celebrates "Game Of Thrones" At WIRED Cafe At Comic-ConJanina Gavankar (True Blood, Arrow, The League, The L Word, The Gates) as Ray Stantz. If you look through Janina’s IMDB you see a lot of action, comedy, and supernatural projects. That’s exactly what Ghostbusters is all about. Anyone who’s read my blog over the years knows how much I love Janina. She’s talented, smart, nerdy, and funny. She’s got all the tools necessary for a big screen ensemble film plus something tells me she’s very familiar with the source material and will take it seriously. I appreciate Janina’s ability to handle a good balance of action and comedy. She’s got all the right tools to help this film pull off what it’s trying to accomplish – an all female action comedy that makes you laugh and kicks ass.