Good Scene, Bad Movie: King Kong (2005) – Giant Bugs Attack

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King Kong (2005) – Giant Bugs Attack

Maybe it’s the 1,304,300 times they’ve remade King Kong that makes this movie so unbearable. Despite earning over $550 million worldwide, Peter Jackson’s King Kong is almost forgettable. It’s almost because of the giant bug scene. This skin crawling scene is right out of my 8 year old nightmares somewhere between Dracula chasing me through an empty opera house and falling down a bottomless pit.

In this scene, Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) and Carl Denham (Jack Black) along with the rest of the survivors fight giant insects in the bottom of a canyon. There’s not a log of dialogue, just people breathing heavy and looking very scared. I want to know how Peter Jackson came up with those slug-like creatures – those things are terrifying. Those creatures give Lumpy (Andy Serkis) one of the best movie death scenes in the past decade.

My favorite parts are Jack Black’s “I’ve had ENOUGH!” face and the guy trying to escape at the 1:11 mark.

I think it’s safe to cross Skull Island off my vacation list. Isla Nublar is still a maybe.