Trailer: Limitless TV Show


2011’s hit movie Limitless is getting a small screen adaptation on CBS this Fall. They even got Bradley Cooper returning as Eddie Morra to hand-off the franchise to Jake McDorman (Shameless) who plays Brian aka the new guy with pill.

After having a dose, the FBI begins using the NZT pill on Brian to help track down whoever is killing people for the pill. Sadly, the effects of the pill only last for so long until Brian goes back to his normal self. This looks like the late 70’s early 80’s The Incredible Hulk TV show – Brian will be vulnerable without the pill and once a week he’ll pop a pill and save the day. It’s just like the Hulk getting green once a week, only this time it’s designer pills that turn you into a super computer.

CBS aired a similar show last year with LOST‘s Josh Holloway called Intelligence – the show everyone saw and said “Hey! That’s like that movie Limitless.” Intelligence only lasted 13 episodes, let’s hope Limitless gets a longer run.

Limitless also stars Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Hill Harper, and Dillon Matthews.

Check out Limitless this Fall on CBS.