Good Scene, Bad Movie: Saw II – The Needle Pit (2005)

The Saw franchise has been churning out movies since 2004 and single-handedly ushered in a new era of “gore porn” horror films.The first film, 2004’s Saw, was unique, smart, and creepy – fans raved with out inventive the movie was. Since then, the franchise hasn’t been able to recapture that magic.

Every movie since 2004 has more senseless violence and a fraction of the genius the first film possessed. The worst part is having to sit through elaborate backstories for nameless/faceless characters who you know are just going to get ravaged by one of Jigsaw’s deathtraps.

Even through all 59 Saw sequels, there are some moments worth seeing. 2005’s Saw II‘s Needle Pit scene is one of them. Saw II’s plot involves 8 people trapped in a factory. They all get poisoned and Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) has the antidote for them if they figure out his twisted psychotic puzzles.

What makes this scene so awesome is not just how cringe worthy the pit of needles is, it’s how real Xavier’s (Franky G) reaction is. Xavier is a drug dealer and his “solution” was 100% honest to his character. ┬áHe did not hesitate throw Amanda (Shawnee Smith) into that pit. The reaction from everyone in the room as Amanda swims through a sea of the world’s dirtiest needles is what really sells the scene.

A lot of Jigsaw’s contraptions leave me puzzled – how did Jigsaw get all those needles? Where was he collecting them from? How did he transport them?

Watch the clip below and get ready to squirm.