One of the best Transformers’ scenes – Attack on the Qatar Base (2007)

transformersqatar There’s been a lot of Transformer action in the first three movies, but nothing compares to the first scene in 2007's Transformers– Blackout’s attack on the Qatar base. This scene is some of Michael Bay’s best work. I remember being blown away by that scene. What the base thinks is an unidentified “mustache man” in a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter is actually a Decepticon warrior named Blackout who’s looking for information to free the Decepticon leader. My jaw dropped when I  heard that iconic Transforming sound and the helicopter stood up and displayed his Gatling cannons, missiles, and energy cannons. Before you know it, Blackout starts blowing up everything in his sights. He brings nothing but chaos to the base and there isn’t anything they can do about it. It’s exactly how I pictured a real life Transformer attack would look. As if blowing everything up wasn't enough, Blackout releases an EMP burst that takes out everything around him. That scene sets up everything the franchise is about from the music, to the sound, to how helpless humans are in that situation. Blackout finishes the sequence by releasing Scroponok and casually blowing up planes on his way out. THAT’S how you open an action movie. I’m still not sure how Sergeant Epps (Tyrese) was able to escape. It’s the most unbelievable that happens in this movie.