Clip: Freddy Krueger – “Flicka Da Wrist”

What happens when one of horror’s most iconic characters and one of the hottest songs in 2015 get together? You get the hilarious Nightmare on Elm St. parody for Chedda da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist”.

Even if you don’t know anything about ┬áthe Houston based rapper, Chedda da Connect, you’ve most definitely heard his song Flicka Da Wrist as the perfect musical pairing for various social media videos.

The Merkins created witty parody using Chedda da Connect’s hit and our favorite dingy sweater, razor-fingered, sociopath, Freddy Krueger. The lyrics are pretty funny – “I showed up killin’ cuz you was in yo room/I showed up killin’ cuz you chose to snooze.” This isn’t the first time Freddy’s crossed paths with hip hop and I don’t think it’s the last.

Now I can no longer hear Flicka Da Wrist without thinking about Freddy Kruger.