Good Scene, Bad Movie: Total Recall (2012) – Elevator Fight Scene


Total Recall is one of my favorite movies. From its glimpse into the future and Arnold’s terrible one-liners, I was was a must see for anybody in my generation.

When I heard there was a Total Recall remake in the works, I got excited. When I heard Colin Ferrell was playing Douglas Quaid and he was being paired with Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, John Cho, Bill Nighy and Bokeem Woodbine – I got a little more excited.

After watching the movie, all the air was knocked out of me. No Mars. No Kuato. No Benny. I sat in a theater with the Usher Raymond face wondering why someone would tamper with a classic like this.

It felt like a cruel joke Hollywood pulled on people who loved the original. Despite sitting at a blistering 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning $58 million at the domestic box office, Total Recall did have one thing going for it – an amazing elevator fight scene.

In this scene we find Quaid and Melina trying to escape an army of robots and Quaid’s “wife” Lori. The two almost escape on an elevator before Lori swoops in and all hell breaks loose. It’s a nice two-on-one fight until I, Robot shows up to even the odds.

I’m sure Neil deGrasse Tyson would fun debunking  the physics behind this actually happening. It’s a fun 1:54 in a film that desperately needed more scenes like this.