A24 Films on Netflix


A24 Films is one of the most successful independent film studios. I just six short years, A24 has been involved with numerous groundbreaking and thought provoking films. Not to mention the 24 Academy Award nominations.

If you didn’t see any of their films in theaters, you’re in luck. Netflix has a huge slate of their films to check out. Each film is unique in it’s storytelling, There are very few films like these streaming on Netflix. There is an absurd zombie comedies,  a post apocalyptic road,  a glimpse at New York City in 1981, and even podcasters worst nightmare. There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.  Check out some of the films below.


The Spectacular Now (2013) – Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley shine in this coming of age story.


Ex Machina (2015) – Three masterful performances and a fantastic ending.


Under the Skin (2013) – One of the most enjoyably bizarre movies I’ve ever seen


Enemy (2013) – One of my favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performances and an ending that leaves a lot up to interpretation.


Locke (2013) – Who would’ve thought Tom Hardy in a car talking about cement pours would be so interesting.


Spring Breakers (2012) – This movie is bonkers. The tracking shot of the robbery sequence is so well done. Spring Break FOREVER!


Room (2015) – Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay give Oscar winning performances.


Obvious Child (2014) –  Jenny Slate and  Gillian Robspierre are magical together.


Life After Beth (2014) – Aubrey Plaza is hilarious in this crazy zombie comedy.


Tusk (2014) – This is one of the craziest movies of the bunch. It quickly goes from terrifying to disturbing.


A Most Violent Year (2014) – New York in 1981 seems like a wild place. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain give fantastic performances.


The End of the Tour (2015) – Jason Segel is fantastic in this moving story about a man and his work.


The Rover (2014) – Guy Pearce and Robert Pattison’s post apocalyptic road trip is one of the most underrated films in the past 10 years.