Trailer: Arrow Season 3


The trailer for Arrow Season 3 is action packed. They are giving fans a lot to digest in the 3:14. We get a good luck at what’s happening in Starling City as Oliver (Stephen Amell) continues his role protecting the city as The Arrow. We also get a glimpse at a budding romance between Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

The biggest reveal in the trailer is how Oliver wasn’t always stuck on the island during his 5 year hiatus. We learn he’s dealt with a man most DC fans are a familiar with – Ra’s al Ghul. Most people remember him as the leader of the League of Shadows in Batman Begins. He’s mentioned in Season 2 of Arrow as the “leader of the League of Assassins”

It’ll be interesting to see how they tie Ra’s al Ghul into Oliver’s story. Maybe we’ll get a look at the  Lazarus Pit

I’m looking forward to watching another season of The Arrow handing  justice to those who’ve failed the city.

Arrow Season 3 Premiers October 8th, 2014.