Trailer: Furious 7


We finally get our first look Furious 7, the 7th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. The Fast movies aren’t what people would call good movies, but it’s the one franchise that consistently gives its audience what they want. Just look at the trailer – parachuting cars, a heavily armored tour bus, Tony Jaa, Paul Walker jumping from a bus that’s falling off a clip onto a car, Jason Statham opening a can of whoop ass. expensive party scene, The Rock breaking his cast off,  and of course cars, girls in bikinis, and plenty of action.

Do you need anything else for a Fast and Furious movie?

What I love most about the franchise is how they’ve gone from a bunch of illegal drag racers stealing cars to a Special Forces Unit who takes on the world’s most diabolical bad guys. It’s amazing and I’ll enjoy every minute of this movie.

The usual cast of characters are making a return along with martial arts action star Tony Jaa, Kurt Russell, Djimon Hounsou, and Game of Thrones Nathalie Emmanuel in the trailer.

Check out the trailer below

Furious 7 opens April 3 3015