The 11th BoneBat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival

This past weekend, The 11th BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival was held at SIFF Cinema Uptown – 11 hour of horror shorts, feature films, and music by Hollins & Hollins Mortuary Entertaining Show featuring the Pine Box Boys.

BoneBat continues to deliver one of the most unique and entertaining festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Every year the festival offers content that’s rarely seen at local film festivals. Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s festival.

The Front Door – Directed by Andrew Rutter is a funny reminder to make sure your doors are locked before going to bed

Keith – One of my favorites of the festival, and one of my favorites in recent years. Alex Baro-Cayetano manages to tell a really good story in under 3 mins. It’s a great take on a monster under the bed story.

Seek – Love this twist on urban legends surrounding stopping at rest stop. The reveal is clever and chilling. I’d watch a whole movie about what’s happening in this bathroom. It’s one part creepy, one part supernatural, and leaves you full of chills.

LandGraves – This is every parents nightmare about heavy metal music come to life. It’s what they thought about heavy metal music in the 80’s, especially during the satanic panic. I’m not sure if it’s scary or just left me with a cold chill because WTF did I just watch.

My Great Funeral Movie – A genius idea. I’m so upset I didn’t think of it. It was an audience favorite. It’s really funny and such a cool concept for a short. Also, a great idea for a funeral.

Shark – Nash Edgerton’s Shark is the perfect mix of comedy and horror. Nash is a stunt man turned director and he may have found his true talent. Shark left me with the biggest “Awwww man” at the end. We need more horror shorts from Nash.

One of the feature films was A Comedy of Horrors Vol 1. It has a Tales from the Crypt vibe with a substitute teacher reading terrifying stories to children. The stories are wild and hilarious. Each story is unique and tells a really interesting story. The best part is the film cuts back to these children terrified because of what they’ve just heard.

Check out more from the film festival and shorts from past festivals. You can also check out the BoneBat podcast for more ways to engage and support.