Trailer: The Gunman


I’m not a big fan of gritty action novels turned into films. I’m not a bit tired of cliche ‘bad guy wants out so now they have to kill him’ movies. I don’t really buy Sean Penn as an action star this late in his career – I guess it’s the Liam Neeson effect.

But for some reason The Gunman looks really interesting. Maybe it’s the all star cast of Sean Peen, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, and Ray Winstone. I have no idea why, but it looks like all types of action packed fun. Bardem should be an enjoyable villain to watch alongside Penn’s anit-hero looking for redemption character.

The Gunman is one of many good looking movies opening on the front end of 2014 – due to all the blockbusters between April-August – so mark your calendars for March 20th.