Mad Max: Fury Road and Into The Sea’s 2nd Trailers

heart of the sea

Before our screening of American Sniper, we were treated to two remarkable trailers – Mad Max: Fury Road and In the Heart of the Sea.


Mad Max: Fury Road’s second trailer looks a lot more crazy and a lot more fun than the original trailer. I may have to move it up on my most anticipated list for 2015. The sandstorm/thunderstorm/tornado at the 1:54 mark was enough to sell me on this movie.


In the Heart of the Sea surprised me with a lot more of Moby Dick this time around. I was sold on this being Chris Hemsworth’s Master and Commander but it looks like audiences a lot of man vs monster scenes. I love Jaws and a lot of the shots where Moby attacks boats reminds me a lot of Jaws.

Mad Max: Fury Road was scheduled to open in May but thanks to Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’s been pushed back to Summer of 2015.

In the Heart of the Sea floats into theaters March 13, 2015.