Trailer Dump: Jungle Book, In The Heart of the Sea, Point Break, Allegiant, and Bridge of Spies

From 90’s action movie remakes to Cold War thrillers, there were a lot of trailers dumped this week. ┬áHere’s a look at some of this week’s best trailers

Jungle Book – April 15, 2016

jungle book

WOW! This looks fantastic. There are a lot of trailers out this week, but none captured my attention as much as this. The action looks amazing and the voice cast looks even better. To be honest, I’d listen to a snake with Scarlett Johansson’s voice too.

Point Break – December 25, 2015


A Christmas release? That’s strange, but I’m always up for a senseless 90’s action movie remake. Johnny Utah and Point Break have a special place in my heart. I’m hoping this movie does the original justice. I have to admit, it looks kind of fun. I need thim to say “I’m an F……I…. AGENT!” That has to happen.

In The Heart of the Sea – December 11, 2015


Despite the film being pushed back, it looks pretty good. I don’t know why they just don’t call it Thor vs The Whale. I think more people would want to see it. This should be a fun watch. Ron Howard is a superb director plus the cast looks great.

Bridge of Spies – October 16, 2015


This has Oscar bait written all over it. The tagline might as well be “For your Academy Award Consideration..”

The Divergent Series: Allegiant – March 18, 2016


Tris and her divergent pals are back and this time they’re going beyond the wall. The first part of this trailer is “Previously on the Divergent Series..” but after that you get to see what the group is up against. All I ask is for more Zoe Kravitz. That’s all.