About to Review: Episode 26: Geek Girl Con 2016!

I spent last Sunday at Geek Girl Con with That Guy Named John. We had a blast and talked about it on episode 26 of his podcast. Check it out below.

Time code breakdown for this episode:

0m:00s – 1m:31s: Live intro from GeekGirlCon at the Washington Conference Center
1m:31s – 33m:46s: Interview with Kristine Hassell; Deputy Director of GeekGirlCon
33m:46s – 54m:53s: Interview with Evan J. Peterson; panelist, author, poet, editor, model, actress
54m:53s – 1h:09m:40s: Interview with Dr. Raychelle Burks; chemist, moderator, developer of the DIY Science Zone. (I mistakenly refer to the classic TI-83 calculator as the “T1-83” …. twice …)
1h:09m:40s – 1h:51m:43s: Post show wrap up with Tim Hall, aka: The People’s Critic