Trailer: Fantastic Four

20th Century Fox is getting in on the trailer buzz this week. They finally released the full trailer for this Summer’s Fantastic Four.

The trailer shows the superhero quartet using their powers and we get our first look at Dr. Doom. They’re going with the traditional hooded look for Doom – I like it. The trailer gives us our first taste of how the action sequences might look and it reminds us the film’s core four (Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell) are good actors. There also seems to be some humor in the dialogue to help balance out the “serious tone” people have been talking about since the film’s production started.

I guess people can throw all their concerns about how The Thing will look outside the window. I also love Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E Cathey) calling The Fantastic Four his kids.

I trust Josh Trank (Chronicle) and the stars of Fantastic Four. I can’t wait for August 7th.