Netflix’s Rebirth Trailer


Neflix is dipping its toes into the feature film game. The site once known for shipping multiple DVDs, transformed into a television juggernaut in recent years. Now they’re financing a few low budget films. The first of the group is Rebirth, a film about a man who gets trapped in a cult.

A white-collar suburban father Kyle (Fran Kranz) who is surprised at his office by long-lost college buddy Zack (Adam Goldberg). Zack is as wild and crazy as ever, brimming with excitement about the self-actualization program he’s just finished called Rebirth. He talks Kyle into going on a weekend-long Rebirth retreat,handing over his keys, wallet, and phone. Thus begins his journey down an bizarre rabbit hole of psychodrama, seduction, and violence.

I’m all in on any cult movies. I really enjoyed 2011’s Sound of My Voice. You can tell form this trailer that it starts as a normal weekend but things take a hard left around 1:10 mark. I can’t wait to see what type of crazy this group is hiding.

Rebirth also stars Harry Hamlin, Andrew J West (The Walking Dead), Eric Ladin, Pat Healy, Kat Foster, and Tom Wright.

Rebirth is available for streaming on Netflix 7/15/16.