5 Actresses Who Could Play The Rocketeer

Disney announced the reboot of their 1991 film The Rocketeer. According to THR, the new story is set six years after the original Rocketeer vanishes – a young, black female pilot takes on the Rocketeer mantle and protects the jetpack technology.

This reboot could be very interesting with the gender swap and the racial dynamics of the 1940’s. If done well, there’s potential for an awesome film franchise. There are plenty of talented young black actresses in Hollywood today. Here are a few people I’d like to see put on the jetpack.


Logan Browning

Some people may know Logan as Jelena from VH1’s Hit the Floor, as Zora on Playstation Network’s Powers series, or playing a lead role in Netflix’s Dear White People series. What most people don’t know, along with her extensive training for Hit the Floor and Powers, Logan’s trained in mixed martial arts. Logan is talented enough to pull off all the action and humor necessary for this role.

zoekZoe Kravitz

As the daughter of two talented parents, Zoe’s charm in front of the camera has been in her blood since birth. Over the years we’ve seen Zoe in a supporting role in series like Divergent and X-Men. And added her talents to hits like Dope and Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s been fantastic in these supporting roles. Isn’t it about time she starred in her own film?


TeyonahTeyonah Parris

Dear White People star, Teyonah Parris, has carved out her space as one of Hollywood’s rising stars. The South Carolina native uses her charm to bring the intimacy of stage acting to the big screen. Her role in the upcoming Buffalo Soldier Girl should show us what she can do as The Rocketeer.

LyndieLyndie Greenwood

Most known for her role on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, Lyndie is one of the most talented young actresses working today. She’s trained in martial arts and anyone who watches Sleepy Hollow knows she knows she can be badass.




Aja Naomi King

For those who haven’t seen her on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, Aja will be a household name after The Birth of a Nation opens this fall. She has all the tools necessary to be a star in Hollywood. She hasn’t had a big stage to showcase what she can do, and the Rocketeer could be the perfect stage for her.