Review: Good Boys

The Seth Rogen produced comedy, Good Boys, is an R-rated romp through a day in the life of three middle school boys.

Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon), and Lucas (Keith L Williams) are best friends that refer to themselves as The Bean Bag Boys. After Max is invited to a kissing party with the popular kids, the boys panic because they don’t know how to kiss. One ridiculous plan after another finally leads to the boys using Max’s dad’s drone to spy on his neighbor. Of course, things go horribly wrong and the boys are forced to skip school to buy another drone before Max’s dad returns home.

Their crazy adventure leads to the boys being chased by Hannah (Molly Gordon) and her friend Lily (Midori Francis), buying drugs, stealing beer, and having a run-in with a cop.

At this point, there isn’t anything new to add to a story about young kids behaving badly – we’ve seen it all before. There’s some sort of race against time, usually a crush is involved, and “good” kids doing something they don’t usually do. What separates the good from the bad is how well the jokes and plot are executed. Good Boys does an excellent job of executing its jokes. Even when the jokes are predictable, the three young stars sell every joke with their facial expressions and reactions. There are a few callback jokes, a running joke that includes various sex toys, and other comedic actors (Lil Rel Howery, Sam Richardson, and Stephen Merchant) for the boys to banter with.

As raunchy as the humor is, it never feels like too much. The film uses its r-rating as much as possible, yet it never feels too excessive.  With the run time clocking in at a little under 90 mins, just went the jokes can start to feel repetitive and stale, the film is over.

There’s a sequence at a frat house that perfectly captures the spirit of the film. The boys are in way over their heads trying to do something they have no business doing, and have no idea what they’re walking into. As the scene unfolds, it gets more hilarious and even more ridiculous than anyone could imagine.

The three young actors carry the movie and have fantastic chemistry. Brady Noon is the breakout star as Thor. He’s given some of the best one-liners and funniest moments, especially during the film’s third act.

Good Boys is one of the year’s best comedies. It feels like a prequel to 2007’s Superbad. It’s a look at who those characters could’ve been in middle school. Good Boys may not hit every joke out of the park but it’s a consistently funny comedy that delivers some laugh out loud moments and gives a very sweet story about friendship and growing up.

Grade: B